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CLIMAX PLOT TITLE: RISING ACTION AUTHOR: (List examples that create complications or suspense) FALLING ACTION CONFLICT RESOLUTION EXPOSITION Setting: PROTAGONIST vs. ANTAGONIST vs. Situation/climate:
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SCENE CONFLICT RESOLUTION: The conflict is set in motion when the parties encounter each other in a place where it would not meet before. REASON: The tension builds as both the protein and antagonist face the problem. RESOLUTION: The resolution occurs as the protein and antagonists come to understand the situation and come to an agreement. The conflict resolves by the protein's removal or death, or by the protein's removal or death while in the hands of an accomplice/ally. (Example 1 is an example of a falling action spoiler.) This paragraph is a bit more complicated. It describes an event that happens during a climactic moment in the story (i.e., in the most important chapter). This is important as it sets up the climactic moment when the main action takes place. There's tension in the tension, tension builds as the audience and characters contemplate the implications, it grows as the main action takes place in the climactic moment and there is a clear resolution of the issue. There is nothing like the main action. This paragraph is, of course, a spoiler. You're probably already familiar with the spoiler. THE END RESOLUTION There are no conflict resolutions. In the best of all possible conflicts, no one does anything. This is why the best stories aren't about conflict resolution. This is why the best writers don't set up tension for all to see. Even if they try, any plot thread that might start to resolve a conflict does not. It doesn't make sense. It's better for the story to just sit there without resolution. The way a story's tension and resolution play into the plot can create confusion. It might seem to the reader that everything is going the characters' way. So much tension has been built up by the writer all this time — is this the end of the story? They want to see another showdown, another battle, another great adventure! Why don't they just finish this scene and get the main character across the finish line? It's a lot less exciting for everyone involved! But that's not the way it is in a good story. I've talked about this before in the article about the tension vs. resolution confusion, but I'll reiterate it. There are no climaxes or resolutions. There are only plot points, and no resolution. There are no resolutions because no resolution could happen.

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